This tab is how you send and view faxes through the web portal.

Certain fax setups will show received faxes here, but most users will come here to send faxes out and view faxes they have sent.

To send a fax, click on the Send Fax button.

In this window that pops up, you can add Cover Pages, upload documents to be faxed, Caller ID (all zeros is ok), and the phone number you want to send the fax to.

To upload documents, click on the Fax Document button and select the file from your PC.

If you need to send multiple documents, just click on the Add button and a new row will appear for you to upload a file.

Once you click Send, the file will be uploaded and our fax servers will attempt to send the document to the number provided. If you have an email attached to your user account, an email will be sent to you letting you know if the fax succeeded or failed.