All of the voicemails in the system should appear here if they are new. Saved voicemails can be accessed by clicking the drop down menu labeled New and selecting where the voicemail could be.

Listening to voicemails here can be done several ways. To the left of the voicemail itself is the play button and this will play the audio in the browser. To the right of the voicemail you have a couple more options.

The Phone icon will call your desk phone and play the voicemail.

The right facing arrow will forward the voicemail to another user in the domain.

The Down arrow will download a WAV file to your PC.

The Floppy Disk icon will move the voicemail to the Saved folder

The Red X will delete the voicemail by moving it to the Trash folder.


If you click on the Settings tab of Messages, you can manage your voicemail options.

Enable Voicemail is just like it sounds. If you uncheck this then callers will no longer be able to leave you voicemail messages.


These options let you change the settings for how you see and hear voicemail messages. 

Operator Forward is only enabled for enhanced voicemail and lets the call press 0 to call the extension placed here if they would prefer to talk to someone instead of leaving a message.

Copy to extension will send a copy of every voicemail going forward to any user you put here. If you would like to add more than one user, just press the + sign next to the box.


This drop down menu is where you can select which greeting you want to have active if you have multiple recorded. 

To listen to the selected greeting, click on the play icon. The greeting will play in your browser.

To download the selected greeting, click on the down arrow icon. This will save a WAV file to your PC of the recording.

To record a new greeting or edit a greeting you already have recorded, click on the small speaker icon next to the drop down menu. This will bring up a popup window to manage the recordings.

In this window, you can see all the recordings you have saves, their greeting number, name, and duration. To edit a specific greeting, click on the pencil icon to the right of it.

If you have a recording saved on your PC that you would like to upload, then use this screen to do that. Browse the file and give it a name in the system.

To record a new greeting instead of uploading a file, you can click on the Record button and put in either your internal extension or any external number you have access to.

When you click Call, the system will dial out to the number and give you a prompt to record your greeting. Once you hang up, the voicemail should now be in the system to be selected 

Unified Messaging

If you have an email address set up in your user profile, then you can get the options to receive voicemails in your email. There are multiple ways to have this happen.

None will not send a copy of your voicemail to your email

Send w/ hyperlink will send a link to listen to your voicemail to your email. This is generally only useful if your email box has a limited size or blocks attachments.

Send w/ attachment will send a copy of the voicemail to your email in a WAV format. Generally most PCs and phones have the ability to play these files.

Leave as New will keep the voicemail saved in the phone system as a new message. Your phone extension light will stay flashing, and it will appear in the portal just like any voicemail would

Move to Saved same as above, but the voicemail will be moved to your saved folder. Your phone extension light will not flash but you will be able to view it in the portal.

Move to Trash same as above, but the voicemail will be moved to your trash folder and eventually deleted automatically each day. Do this if you never plan on accessing your voicemail through the system and would prefer to only deal with it in your email box.

The first option is to alert you via email that your mailbox is full so that you can log in and delete files.

The second option is to email you for every missed call that you have.