Portal view for Users

Basic users have a variety of options in the web portal to manage their phone and call flow.


This is your default view and the first thing you generally see when logging into the portal. Gives you a quick view of your voicemails, answering rule, phones registered, and call history.


View and manage any Voicemails you have saved in the system as well as record and manage your Voicemail greetings.


Where you can go to send and view received Faxes in the system.


View and Manage your Contacts in the system. The domain auto populates the users that are in your domain, but you can add your own Contacts for speed dials.

Answering Rules

View, manage, and create your Answering Rules for how you want calls to your user to be routed and what phones to ring.

Time Frames

View, manage, and create Time Frames. Time Frames are used for Answering Rules to allow calls to be routed differently based on time of day.


View and manage the Phones that are registered to your username.

Music on Hold

View, manage, and upload Music on Hold for callers to hear when you put callers on hold.


View Call History for your user. If call recordings are enabled, then you can listen to them