In this Article, we will be discussing how to access your portal where you can manage your new Vested Networks VoIP phone system. Let’s get started! 


The Portal is a very useful feature of your VoIP phone system, you can manage your users, calling routing (i.e. having calls transferred to a different location such as a cell phone), access your voicemail messages, and many more options. 


First, to access the Portal take the following steps:

1. Open your Web Browser and navigate to

2. You will arrive at the login page, as seen in the image below.

        3. Log in using your Credentials provided in your initial training. You will arrive at your Portal Home Page as seen in the image below. 


Sometimes we all forget our usernames and password. You have no need to worry, we have you covered. 

Just take the following steps to retrieve your credentials: 

  1. At the Login Page as shown in Step #2 above navigate and click the “Forgot Login Name / Forgot Password” links located just below the Red “Log In” button. You will arrive at the page seen below. 

  1. Enter in your Email address and Extension number associated with your account and you will be sent an email with your credentials. 
  2. After receiving your login email you can click the hyperlink in the email or navigate to in your web browser to log in.


For more helpful guides visit If you have any questions or issues, please reach out to or call Vested Networks Technical Support at (972) 924-6464.