Conference Guide 

First you want to login to 

Login: ext@AcmeCorp 

Password: Vested25            (by default unless you have changed it) 


Once you login it will appear like this: 




Now go to the Conferences Tab at the top. 

Select the Conference Bridge you wish to edit by clicking the blue name on the left-hand side (you may also use the Pencil show in the red box). In this case Conf Bridge w/extension 399. You can add conferences by clicking the Add Conference button on the right. 

Once in the setup of the conference bridge you can add a leader PIN (shown in the image below) or a participant PIN. These will be required if entered. If they are blank there is no PIN required. The reason there is two different PINs is so that you can have more controls when logged in as a leader. You can also set an option to “Require a Leader to start” (as shown in the red box below). This will make it to where any participant who joins will be listening to hold music until the leader enters their PIN. Also, you can see below that the other two options are checked in this example. These two options make it to where it will announce when someone has joined the conference and will prompt them when connecting to state their names. If you want to set the PINs for participants or leaders, you may do so and click save. This can be done as often as you would like.