Here is a brief overview of the NOVA Management Portal Overview. 




Home Tab shows you basic information about your domain at a glance. 


Call Center Tab shows you all information about the call center options you have set up and the usage of said call center assets.  


Users Tab shows all the users currently on your domain.  


Conference Tab show you all the available conference bridges on your domain and modify them.  


Auto Attendants Tab allows you to create and modify auto attendants. 


Call Queues Tab  allows you to make call queues like parks, round robin, liner cascade, etc. 


Time Frames Tab allows you to create time frames you use to modify the answering rules and auto attendants you use. 


Music On Hold Tab allows you to change your hold music. 


Inventory Tab show all the available phone numbers, sms numbers, and phones on your domain. 


Call History Tab shows all the call history of your domain.