This guide will explain the various ways you can use your Vested Networks NOVA portal to forward your calls to different destinations as needed. 


In order to use the NOVA portal to forward your phone calls in the event of a power outage, a remodeling of your office, etc you need to do the following 


  1. Log into your portal at Remember, your username is your extension number @ your domain name. EX 101@OldSubHub 

  2. Once in the portal, click on the tab labeled "ANSWERING RULES" in the middle of the screen. If your user profile has Manager Level access, you will need to click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen and a drop down menu will appear. Select the "MY ACCOUNT" option to get to the proper screen. Then select the "ANSWERING RULES" tab. In the Answering Rules screen, you will see all the call rules that your profile has set up. By default, there will be one labeled "Default" and it will have the rule simultaneous ring and your extension number as the default destination with 20 seconds on the ring timer. (5 seconds per ring so 20 seconds is 4 rings) You can make new rules for your user by clicking the "ADD RULE" button or you can simply modify the existing rule by highlighting the rule to select it and then pressing the pencil button on the right hand side of the rule's highlighted area. This guide will explain how to do both.  NOTE: this screen is a top down hierarchy so whichever rule you place on top will take precedent over any other rules in the stack unless the top rule does not apply to the situation.  


  1. MODIFYING THE EXISTING RULE: In order to modify the existing answering rule for your user, you need to first select the rule you wish to modify and then click on the Edit button, looks like a pencil on the right hand side of the answering rule. This will bring up a mini screen with several options in it. First, uncheck the "Simultaneous Ring" option to toggle it to off. Then select the Always option. In the field next to the check box, type in the phone number you wish to send your phone calls to. No dashes, no parenthesis, just the 10 digit phone number. When finished, press SAVE to save to options. If you don’t do save the changes, the computer will not forward the calls to where you want them to go and you will have to repeat the changes to get them to stick. 

  2. NEW ANSWERING RULE: To create a new answering rule as opposed to modifying the existing one, you need to click on the red button labeled "ADD RULE."  

    • Once you do, you will get the same mini screen pop up that happened when you modify the rule. The only real difference is that you need to name this rule something different from the rule(s) you have already present.  

    • In the "Always" field, put the phone number you wish to forward the calls to. No dashes, no parenthesis, just the 10 digit phone number.  

    • Uncheck the "Simultaneous Ring" option and then click SAVE to complete. 

Both of the above steps are assuming the phone system is set up to ring your extension when your customers call in for good or service. To double check, we need to check the Routing User's Answering Rules. This requires Manager Access so we are going to assume you have this level of access for the rest of this document. NOTE: If you do NOT have Manager Access on your profile, Vested Networks Tech support can help you in making the changes you need to make in order to forward your calls. 




Once you finish these steps, you will be able to forward your calls from your business phones to another phone of your choice. Now let us check the routing user to make sure that your answering rules in the routing user are pointed to the new rule you just made in your user. 

  • Go to your routing user in the user tab on the main page and click on edit 

  • Go to the Answering Rules tab and click on "ADD RULE". Here, you can now add a new rule, call it what you want, select the appropriate timeframe for when the rule will take place, and then go to edit for that rule. Change the "Always" field to the phone number you wish to forward to. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.  

  • Once done with the new rule, drag the new rule to the top of the stack inside the routing user and drag the old one below the default rule. Click save when finished.  

You have successfully changed your answering rules to forward your calls from your desktop phone to another phone outside the domain. The same changes can be applied to have calls forwarded to another extension inside the company as well. To change the rules back to the way they were, simply reverse the rule drag and drop process. Don’t forget to click save.