This is look at the Voicemail tab of the NOVA mobile app. 


Here is a shot of the main screen without any messages in it. 



When you select the Voicemail drop down menu in the upper left hand corner, you have two options: new or saved messages.  



I had a coworker record a voicemail to show you the difference in look on the main screen as well as the different options you have when you open the window of the voicemail. 


The voicemail window has several options when you select it. 


Other than the name of the Caller that left you the message and the time in which the Caller left the message, there are several different controls that allow you to manipulate this voicemail. 


The Speaker is a volume control for the call. Press on it to adjust volume.  

The Time Slider allows you to adjust the message to a specific point in time during the recording. 

Play Arrow plays the recording. It will change into two vertical bars to allow you to pause the message just like a video player. 


The Phone key calls the person back that left you the call. It brings up the dial pad and you press the green phone key to begin the call 


The Right Arrow key is the Voicemail Forwarding Key. This allows you to move the voicemail to another one of your contacts and / or extensions as needed. Once you select the destination of the voicemail forward, press the Forward button at the bottom of the screen to complete. 



The Save Button, the one that looks like a 3 ½ inch floppy disk, saves the new voicemail and moves it to the Saved Messages section of this tab. You can access save messages by changing the view at the top with the Voicemail drop down menu. 


The Contact Information button allows you to access the contact information you have stored in the cell phone or on NOVA for the voicemail in question. 



Here you have many of the same options that are available to you when you view the voicemail in the new voicemail screen. You just have a little more information about the contact then you had before. 


And last but not least, on the Delete button that is shaped like a trash can. Here you delete unwanted voicemails to rid yourself of messages you don’t need /  want. I will ask you if you are sure you want to delete the voicemail and you will have to choose yes or no.