Users (Special Types)

There are special users that we have in the system to be aware of while you are managing your domain. If you are using a fax machine to send and/or receive your faxes instead of using the portal or fax to email, then we will have what is called a Fax User on your domain. Depending on how many machines you have, you might see multiple.

Another special user will be named Routing User. This user will be set up for several situations but the main one is for call routing of your main telephone number coming into the system. What we do is point the main business number to this user and use Time Frames and Answering Rules to route the call wherever you are wanting. Could be ringing a group of users, routing to an auto attendant, or going to a voicemail box after hours. This works the same as any answering rule set up for individual users, but it is specifically for the incoming call routing.

Not all companies will these users, but if you do I would strongly recommend calling into our support line to let us help out with what changes you are wanting to make. If you are comfortable with making the changes yourself then go for it!