Call Center

Call Queues

This box shows you how many active calls, callers waiting, and agent information. Clicking on any of the numbers here will bring a popup with the detailed information. 

In the Active Calls popup, you can see how long the call has been going, who the agent was that answered, and even listen in on the call. Clicking on the speaker icon will call your extension and allow you to listen in.

Click on Online or Idle agents will bring up the Agents modification window. This is the same one you can view from the Call Queues menu allowing you to log agents in and out of the queue, or add and remove agents all together from the specific queue.

Stats Grid

In this box you will get basic stats of the call queues in the system. By click the Gear icon next to Reports, you can tweak these settings to show up however you would like.

Click on the Reports button will bring up a more detail view that can be filtered in various ways.


This box shows you all of the agents and their overall status in the system. Green means available, red means on a call, white means logged out. If you mouse over an agent, you will get the options to view their stats, the queues they are apart of, and listen in to their current call.