Portal view for Office Managers

Users with the Office Manager role will have more options and tabs than basic users.

If you need to manage your user page instead of your domain, just click on your username in the to right and select My Account

If you need to manage your domain instead of your user page, just click on Manage Organization.


This is the default view you will see when you first log in. You can see general information on users, usage stats, and active calls in your domain.

Call Center

Monitor Call Queues. See available agents, active calls, wait time, and even listen in on calls.


View, Manage, and create Users for your domain. Go here to manage voicemails options, answering rules, voicemail to email options, user rights, caller ID, passwords, and even edit the phones of each particular user.


View, manage, and create Conference Bridges for your domain.

Auto Attendants

View, manage, and create Auto Attendants for your domain.

Call Queues

View, manage, and create Call Queues for your domain. This tab is more for the nuts and bolts of the Call Queues and less about monitoring.

Time Frames

View, manage, and create Time Frames for your domain. These are used to guide other aspects of the system like Answering Rules, and Auto Attendants.

Music on Hold

View, manage, and upload Music on Hold files for your domain.


View, manage, and create physical extension and phone numbers in your domain. 


View Call History for the entire domain. If call recording is enabled, this is where you would listen to and download these files.