The Default Internal Voicemail numbers are:


Internal from any extension on the PBX (User will be prompted for their extension number and password).


Internal from the extension of the User checking Voicemail (the user will only be prompted for a password). This is the number dialed when you press the "Message" button on your phone.

Accessing Voicemail from Outside the Phone System

Get to your voicemail prompt by dialing a DID, or through an Auto-Attendant (AA). Once you hear your voicemail greeting press star(*) to be prompted for your password.

Access Voicemail from the Portal

 After log into click on Messages to access your voicemail.

All of the voicemails in the system should appear here if they are new. Saved voicemails can be accessed by clicking the drop down menu labeled New and selecting where the voicemail could be.

Listening to voicemails here can be done several ways. To the left of the voicemail itself is the play button and this will play the audio in the browser. To the right of the voicemail you have a couple more options.

The Phone icon will call your desk phone and play the voicemail.

The right facing arrow will forward the voicemail to another user in the domain.

The Down arrow will download a WAV file to your PC.

The Floppy Disk icon will move the voicemail to the Saved folder

The Red X will delete the voicemail by moving it to the Trash folder.