Voicemail Menu Tree

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The above will give you a graphical view on the options of the Voicemail system.

Managing Voicemail Greetings

Through the Phone

Recording and Managing your voicemail greetings through the Voicemail menu is in option 6 of the above tree. 

If you press 1 to Record a Greeting, the system will ask which Greeting you want to record. You can have 10 different greetings if you want to manage and swap them out. Press the number of the greeting you want to record for. If you only need 1 greeting, just press 1

If you do have multiple greetings, option 3 will let you swap between them. These are for users who want different greetings for holidays or vacations but do not want to lose their main greeting by recording over it.

Through the Portal

You will need to log into https://portal.vestednetworks.com and go to the Messages button, then click on the Settings tab.

Here, you will scroll down to Greetings.

This drop down menu is where you can select which greeting you want to have active if you have multiple recorded. 

To listen to the selected greeting, click on the play icon. The greeting will play in your browser.

To download the selected greeting, click on the down arrow icon. This will save a WAV file to your PC of the recording.

To record a new greeting or edit a greeting you already have recorded, click on the small speaker icon next to the drop down menu. This will bring up a popup window to manage the recordings.

In this window, you can see all the recordings you have saves, their greeting number, name, and duration. To edit a specific greeting, click on the pencil icon to the right of it.

If you have a recording saved on your PC that you would like to upload, then use this screen to do that. Browse the file and give it a name in the system.

To record a new greeting instead of uploading a file, you can click on the Record button and put in either your internal extension or any external number you have access to.

When you click Call, the system will dial out to the number and give you a prompt to record your greeting. Once you hang up, the voicemail should now be in the system to be selected